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Welcome to International Tamil Refugee Advocacy Network [I-TRAN]

I-Tran is an international umbrella body for refugees and the organisation and individuals who support them. Our role is to connect Refugee activists around the world to work together in orderto help Tamils in seek of refuge.

The main objective for which the body is established is to monitor the welfare of Tamil refugees globally by preventing abuse and unlawful detention. We also aim to provide and/ or facilitate resettlement, health and education and to deliver legal advice through legal experts, ensuring that we advocate and assist them, as required by their needs.

We work to ensure that Tamil Refugees around the world have access to our support and services. The I-TRAN Network will help Tamils gain maximum support they require, until they can settle safely in their host country.

The organizations shall co-ordinate and promote activities, programs and fund-raising events which are of support to the goals of the organization.

So in order to be part of this initiative, and support us, you or your organization will need to register with us by clicking the get involved tab


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